PANCO Trust (People in Action and Network of Community Development Trust) was established on 21st of July 2010, and registered under the Indian Trust Act,.The Trust founders are committed to Community Development Programs in Coimbatore ,The Coimbatore District, in generally Rural people, Women ,Child and disabled person worldwide continue to be among the poorest of the poor and continue to suffer from higher poverty, lower education, and greater incidence of disease and discrimination from other groups. This communities have emerging social concerns, and aim to reduce the gap between the Society and the Moralized population with the respect of economic, value of education. Award Trust will create an impact at the grassroots level. Help advocate, develop programs, monitor and evaluate success.


         For welbeing and empowerment of marginalized people, to desire them the knowledge skills and build a capacity to achieve their betterment of live.


         Build a capacity towards the marginalized people to support an environment in the sustainability of life and development.


  • To create community awareness about the importance of education and improve the quality based education.
  • To empower the community to fulfill, basic needs and wants to improve their standards of living condition.
  • To build capacity of people to practice community based income generation activities which will increase the financial security.
  • To study the research and documentation on development issues disseminate this information for future plan.
  • To advocate the rights and lobbying for rights of development for margnized community.

Awareness Programs for the following highlighted areas

  • Education, training and job placement
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Life skills
  • Prevention of Alcoholism, Early marriage, Child Labour, Tobacco chewing, and personal hygiene.